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to bring you business…


  • I run a network of hundreds of websites, many of which are plumbing related
  • 1,000′s of  people use the internet every day to find a good tradesman in their area
  • If you are appearing prominently in the search engines and directories for the right terms, then all that business will be coming your way
  • Whether or not you already have a website, I can get you a lot more business through the internet

So you need a good website

…and you need one that attracts people looking for your services in your area.  The website needs to appear in search engines and directories for the right terms – i.e. plumbing-related terms, for the areas you cover.

Why take the risk of getting a plumbing website built yourself

You don’t want to risk your money or waste your time on setting up a new website.  There are too many pitfalls. You could pay a web designer to build you a site, but it may be poor quality and what incentive is there for him to get it up Google, to keep it there, to advertise it for you, to submit it to the right directories and get it ongoing visitors?   The site may not even bring you any extra business.  Why take the risk?


How this system works…

You fill in the quick application form with your details

  • On approval, your website is set up for you, targeting your area
  • I will advertise the website, promoting it across a number of other websites, directories and search engines
  • The site will attract increasing numbers of plumbing enquiries for your area, bringing you more and more business

You pay ONLY for the genuine enquiries you receive

  • If you join now, you pay NO set up fees, NO membership fees and NO hosting fees.  This offer may be withdrawn at any time, and the number of areas available is limited and likely to run out quickly, so apply now to ensure you get your site in first!
  • You will be charged only for the genuine enquiries you receive from the site, paying a set fee for these enquiries, on a “cost-per-lead” basis.
  • Your first 5 enquiries will be free, so you can see the kind of quality you can expect from the leads.
  • Enquiries come through to you as an email and also as a text with the description of the job required, the name of the client, phone number and location of the work.

You treat each enquiry as any good plumber would…

  • you call the client back immediately (or urgently, if your hands are full)
  • you do your best to get the job
  • you provide a good, reliable and friendly service
  • you charge a reasonable price

No charges for repeat business!

  • You are welcome to give the client your phone number or business card and receive further work direct from them in future – you can say “just call me direct in future”
  • A genuine enquiry means anyone in the areas you cover, making an enquiry about any kind of plumbing related services in your area.
  • Any enquires which are not genuine people seeking a plumber (e.g. advertising, job seekers, etc) will not be charged for.
  • Not all enquiries will lead to actual work, but many will lead to jobs for which you will charge hundreds of pounds, so a simple flat rate per lead provides excellent value overall.
  • Once you begin receiving leads, you will see that they are of a generally high quality, often resulting in actual business for you.
  • As time goes on and the number and quality of leads is further established, we may adjust the rate per lead. E.g. if the leads coming through are low quality and not bringing you enough actual business, we will drop the rate. If the leads are of an excellent quality, we may put the rate up.
  • The quality of your leads, and the customer satisfaction with your work can both be recorded via enquiry forms and client feedback/testimonials on the website
  • You will be invoiced on a monthly/quarterly basis and can pay for your leads by PayPal, Bank Transfer, or cheque.

You are free to withdraw from the service at any time… or to upgrade your service

  • In the unlikely event you feel you can get leads more cost effectively elsewhere, or for any other reason, you can simply contact me to end the service any time and I will find another provider to send the leads to.
  • Likewise, if the customer feedback you receive is not of a generally high enough standard, or for any other legitimate reason, I reserve the right to end the arrangement and send the leads to another provider.
  • In both these cases, you will still be charged for the leads you have already received.
  • Once you are happy with the system, we will give you the option to upgrade your account, in which case we will add extra features to your website (e.g. a phone number, extra pages, etc) and advertise your business more widely and intensively.  With an upgraded account, £5 per lead will not cover our substantial advertising costs, so the charges will depend on the enquiry. A lead for a boiler installation will cost more than a lead for fixing a dripping tap!

If you have any questions, please contact me; otherwise, simply…

Click here to apply now!